Icing sugar 50g, flour 20g, white sesame seeds 60g, bakhweat 60g ,butter 50g ,mix together put in the try a thin layer and bake 160 to 15 min 2 fan

Bel peppers jelly

100 g green or red peppers pure and 3 g of agar agar . Hit them up until 90• c and set it on the clean plastic paper so after easy to take it out and lay it where you want

Tomato water glaze

1 liter clean tomato water and 55g vegetables jelly or gelatine powder mix well and bring to the 90• c, ready to glaze anything you like , whole cherry or tomato you can dipe and it gives nice shiny glazed

Wasabi butter

150 g soft unsalted butter,50g fresh wasabi ,20 g fresh horseradish,10g nori and salt to taste. Mix altogether well and you can keep it in the freeze or freezer by your choice how you want to serve with.

Pasta dough

650 gr 00flour      .  4 whole eggs.   165 Italian eggs yolk.                                                    Put the flour in the kitchen aid and slowly add the whole eggs one by one and then rest if eggs yolk , when it comes together it’s ready, rest for couple of hours and ready for use .

Ink tartlet

200 gr 00 flour .    35 ml olive oil. 55 ml water.   3.5 gr salt. 10 g ink                             Mix all the ingredients and combine together by hand  when it comes together it’s ready for rest couples of hours( don’t over work the dough) . Use a pasta machine to make it thin and cut the tart module size and press top of other tart module so it stay flat when you cook. Cook in the oven 160• for 8 minutes depends on the size.

Seaweed butter

Sour and salty butter can combine any kind of fishes especially white fish like scallops,sole,  place and other flat fish.       Ingredients: unsalted soft butter , fresh seaweed wash and towel dry, miso pest and lime zest.                                                        Mix all ingredients together seaweed chop it down little bit before you mix it and mix well and taste as your like put more miso if you like. It’s all your taste how you like . If you make big quantities and freeze it , use it when you need it. Enjoy the taste food.

Kombu crackers

Kombu crackers:.                                             200 g tapioca flour or pals                                    1 liter water.                                                        20 g kombu.                                                            Put all together in the heavy bottom pan and cook until the tapioca became soft and water dissolved becomes heavy base but texture is easy to layout on the try so after it needs to be dry , the layers on the try need to be thin. So we can dry easily. You can use slow oven or you can use dehydrated machine.                                           After dry you can fry it 180•temperature in hot oil ,it will become puff up triple the size and enjoy it with salt.

Hazelnut emulsion

Hazelnut emulsion rich flavour citrus  sauce which combine with eggs, flavour of good quality rich oil.                                    2 eggs                                                                  200 ml milk.                                                          200 ml water.                                                   40 ml tpt.                                                           8 g lemon gest.                                                 6 g white paper.                                                    5 g salt.                                                               20 ml lemon juice.                                                   Next step.                                                           100 ml olive oil.                                               40 ml hazelnut oil.                                         200 vegetable oil.         .                                      Method: 2 normal size eggs cook about 5 minutes and cooled down.                             Peel the eggs and blitz with blender Until smooth than add the rest of ingredients of first step like milk,water,tpt, salt,,paper,lemon juice and zest. Blitz until smooth and comes together as a creamy. When this step right add the oil slowly slowly mix all together bit by bit. Ready for serve you can serve warm but need to be careful about temputure.

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