Kombu crackers

Kombu crackers:.                                             200 g tapioca flour or pals                                    1 liter water.                                                        20 g kombu.                                                            Put all together in the heavy bottom pan and cook until the tapioca became soft and water dissolved becomes heavy base but texture is easy to layout on the try so after it needs to be dry , the layers on the try need to be thin. So we can dry easily. You can use slow oven or you can use dehydrated machine.                                           After dry you can fry it 180•temperature in hot oil ,it will become puff up triple the size and enjoy it with salt.

Hazelnut emulsion

Hazelnut emulsion rich flavour citrus  sauce which combine with eggs, flavour of good quality rich oil.                                    2 eggs                                                                  200 ml milk.                                                          200 ml water.                                                   40 ml tpt.                                                           8 g lemon gest.                                                 6 g white paper.                                                    5 g salt.                                                               20 ml lemon juice.                                                   Next step.                                                           100 ml olive oil.                                               40 ml hazelnut oil.                                         200 vegetable oil.         .                                      Method: 2 normal size eggs cook about 5 minutes and cooled down.                             Peel the eggs and blitz with blender Until smooth than add the rest of ingredients of first step like milk,water,tpt, salt,,paper,lemon juice and zest. Blitz until smooth and comes together as a creamy. When this step right add the oil slowly slowly mix all together bit by bit. Ready for serve you can serve warm but need to be careful about temputure.

A la grecque receipe

Greek a la grecque recipes are full of flavour, I would like to write this recipe, that can maximise the flavour.                     Shallot – 4 head.                                                    Garlic – 1head.                                                   Fennel seed – 1tbsp.                                         Coriander seed – 2tbsp.                                   Thyme – 4/1.                                                       Bay leaf  – 2 leaf.                                               Olive oil – 300 ml.                                                   White wine – 1 litre.                                         White wine vinegar- 1 litre.                           Salt – 20 g.                                                           Water – 6 litre .                                                      Process:       In to the Shallow pan toast the fennel and coriander seeds add olive oil and thinly slice shallot ,salt and garlic , thyme, bay leaf Togather, cook it until the shallot soft , after add white wine and white wine vinegar same time reduce by half at the end add water and bring to the boil and it’s ready for cooking liquor. Like cook baby arthichoke or globe arthichoke.

Brown Crab crackers

250 g brown crab meat                                   250 g tapioca flour                                           150 water.                                                                 Blitz all the ingredients and make it like fish butter.                                                         Flat black try clingfilm all round than put  the mix on the try like thin layer of carpet and again clingfilm on the top to cover. Pre heat the oven on steam 100c cook it 10 minutes on the steam in the oven than take it out and cool it on the try, after take it out layer of base and dry it in the dehydrate machine ( not to dry , dry it like still you can rip it off easily not crack . ) fry it and enjoy

Beet root flued gel

Beet root gel is shiny and silky texture that I like, it has got good smooth texture presents on the plate very elegant.                      You can use any colour of beetroot,                   I use here red beet roots.                                          850 g fresh red beet root juice.                              10 g gellan f gum                                                    6 g salt.                                                                          35 g sugar.                                                                  135 Chardonnay vinegar                                     Method: beet root juice  bring to the 90•c for a minute and then add the gellan f and mix it well and keep it 90•c for a at list 1 minute , after cool it down on the try .              Step 2 : when juice is set , break it down and put it to the blender ( vita prep) other hand sugar, salt, vinegar bring to wboil and when you blitz the set juice just add that vinegar liquor to blitz the whole thing properly add it how much you need , blitz it until smooth and pass it through the chinos, if you have vacuums pack machine use it to remove the air from the gel , after you can see it how smooth it is ….

Pickling liquor

pickling liquor: you can pickle any vegetables for preserved for a long time and you can enjoy it anytime of the year.                                       I will share with you easy recipe for pickle vegetables .                                                                       100 g sugar.                                                                   100 g white wine vinegar( 8%  would be nice).  200 g water.                                                                     1 g salt.                                                                               Mix all the ingredients together and it’s ready to use for any vegetables for pickling.          

Lemon cream

Lemon cream: when we make lemon cream we like to use unwaxed lemon because it has got fresh lemon smells.         We start with 4 lemon cut the top of the tip and bottom than organise 4 pieces of tin foil and wrap the lemon individually, we wrap that way that lemon in side the foil can have steame and no to tight foil wrap but make sure it’s close every where. In wrapping we sprinkle sugar on the lemon.                                   Put the lemon wrap on the cooling rack on the try than cook it on the oven 150•c about 1 and half hour. When come out from oven after 1.30 hours later carefully take the foil off and cut the lemon in a half and take the seeds out from the lemon. Keep everything in the thermomix after take the seeds out from the lemon and blitz with stock syrup as you need add some good quality olive oil ( 4 part of stock syrup and one part olive oil)blitz it until smooth keep adding sugar syrup as your taste.enjoy it 

Parsley breadcrumbs

Green herbs bread crumbs or parsley bread crumbs easy to do and well to present on the dis you fancy .                  You can use any flavour herbs like parsley,Mint or tarragon . You can use individualse or al together.                                One bunch of parsley without stems blanch and chill .   Next step is take it out from chilling water squeeze it out ant water from parsley than chopp as a chunks and put in the bita prep with just amount of vegetables oil to blitz and it comes together.                                                    Separately you toaste some panko breadcrumbs when it has tossed keep in the try to cool it down but still has the crunch.                                                                     Use the thermomix, put like little amount of bread crumbs in the thermomix turn in to number 5 on the thermomix  and slowly add the green paste until it comes greener you stop and take it out and leave it in the try over the jay cloth until dry out bit more on the dry place.          ( you can use mix herbs together) img_3422

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