650 ml milk

250 ml cream

1 vanilla pod

16 eggs yolk

240 Custer sugar

nethod: milk , cream and vanilla in the pan to make warm other hand eggs yolk and sugar mix together then add the warm milk and cream mixture and bring all the 82 • temperatures and pass with the thin chinos to the ice bath and chill ready to use


300g Custer sugar

50 g honey

60 g glucose

60 ml water

40 g bicarbonate

methods: except bicarbonate  put all ingredients in the pan and put on the medium high heat and bring to the 160• temperature than add bicarbonate and put on desires container to cool and storage


400 ml chicken stock

400 ml olive oil

10g butter

30g flour

30g corn flour

100 ml water

5-10 cocoa powder

methood : blitz all ingredient togather use a non stick fry pan medium high heat one ladle of mix leave until crisp one side you can use head grill also if you need

Foigra Royal

200g foigra

100 m milk

150 m double cream

3 eggs

: Blitz everything together slowly add the eggs. Put in the deserable size of the moul and fill in the moul with the mix and cook it in steam 85• about 33 minutes

Pickle spice

20 g black peppers corns

20 g mustard seeds

20 g coriander seeds

14 g allspice whole

8 g mace

2 stick cinnamon

24 bay leaf

6 g whole clove

8 g ground ginger



T55 flour-1146 g

salt -30g

water- 680 ml

oil- 142 ml

yest -57 g

; make it dough use a hand about 5 minutes mixing Until comes together and smooth rest for a hour before shape it and backed

Vegetable Nage

5 onion roughly chop

5 shallot roughly chop

5 carrots roughly chop

1 celery

half celeriac

2 fennel

2 tbsp fennel seeds

3 tbsp coriander seeds

3 tbsp star anise

parsley ,chervil, tarragon

methood : put all the ingredients in the large pan cover up with cold water and boil it 20 minutes then add all the herbs and leave it to cool overnight. After 8 hours cooling pass it and ready to use the vegetable nage .

Spelt and seeds crackers

330 g spelt flour

315 g strong flour

25 g olive oil

11 g yest

375g water

18 g salt.

Method: mix all the ingredients together and make it smooth dough and rest for a couple of hours before roll it thin layer and top of the layer add any seeds like popy seeds black or white or any other seeds and bake it 160• c for 8 minutes

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